Sports. They bring us together.

So for the last two weeks in a row we got out of our Wednesday Educational Psych class early. Why you ask? For a little reason called the Philadelphia Phillies. Am I the biggest Phillies fan around? Certainly not. Am I complaining about getting out of class early? Certainly not. I actually asked my professor after class if he was a big Phillies fan, the truth is, he isn’t either, but it’s the idea of the masses that sways him to dismiss us early. He says he’d get trampled if he didn’t let us out early. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I’m not going to cry over it. The idea that people come together through sport is a really interesting concept. It can bind together those who do not usually see eye to eye and it can certainly polarize others. On December 11th there is a movie coming out about the 1995 Rugby World Cup; it highlights this unification on a grand scale. The tournament took place in South Africa a year after the end of Apartheid. The country was on show for the rest of the world to see and it had a long way to go to earn the trust of other nations. South Africa was mistrusted and considered a racist country up until that point. It was at this tournament that South Africa had to prove its readiness to move on from a tainted past. The movie is called Invictus (the title of one of Nelson Mandela’s favourite poems) and it is about South Africa’s journey as a country to this tournament. It tells the story of a rare relationship between a black man and a white man in post-Apartheid South Africa. It takes us on a journey of how the universal language of sports can bring together those who at one time were filled with such resentment and hatred. I think this story can be transcended to many corners of the globe where there is an abundance of conflict. It takes something that all can relate to for people to be unified. Sports are a great way to emphasize teamwork and conflict resolution; they can bring together those who would not normally interact and can bring peace and healthy competition to places of previous unrest. Take a look at the trailer for Invictus; see you at the theatre on December 11th.



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4 responses to “Sports. They bring us together.

  1. You are absolutley right when you say sports bring us together. One game brings groups of people together to watch the game, drink and have fun its a beautiful thing ha. I watched the trailer for that movie and it looks really good, two of my favorite actors! You definitely have a good topic to talk about.

  2. I am a Yankees fan, and it could see how sitting through class while someone’s favorite sports team could become frustrating, although I also don’t quite understand why a professor would dismiss class due to a sporting event. We are paying to get an education and we should make the most of it while we are doing so. I do agree however, that sports seem to bring most groups together. It’s a topic that most of our classmates have in common and I believe that is the main point for a Ted Talk topic. Like we’ve learned in class, it should be something insightful that engages the audience, so I think your topic would be a great choice!

  3. I just watched the trailer for this movie and I would really like to see it! I had the opportunity to spend 2 months in South Africa in 1985 when I was 16. My dad worked for GE Aircraft and has spent time all over the world-Johannesburg was one of them. I don’t remember being over-conscious of the apartheid situation, but I remember the great fear my mom and some teachers had for my safety during that time. My primary exposure to the racism there was in the form of the attitudes my dad’s friends, native Afrikaners, would express. Racist jokes, superiority comments, that sort of thing. I do remember the “cities” of corrugated tin and the extreme difference in economics between black and white neighborhoods. As a 16 yr old on vacation, I did not really bother to explore or understand what was going on in the country I was visiting. Some years after I would hear about developing political situations there and reflect back to a time when I was “in the middle of it” and really had no idea what I was in the middle of. I wish I had paid more attention. At that time sports weren’t a unifier at all, and I’m very excited to see how this movie proves your point. Even when neighborhood difficulties occur between friends, an evening game of manhunt usually erases any hard feelings!

  4. samantha schanck

    I love this idea because it is very true and people rarely talk about it. Growing up I did roughly 3 teams per season. Sports was and still is a huge part of my life. You can be at a game and not know the person next to you but can instantly interact just because of the teams you are watching.This is an amazing thing because normally those people would just pass each other by. I cant wait to see how you bring this concept to life in your ted talk. I am also wondering if you are going to show any negatives that come from this??

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