No. Music. Period. (well just for a day)

No Music Day was on November 21, just a few days ago. I know what you are thinking… how ridiculous does that sound? But in fact it goes much deeper than just alleviating music for the day. It’s about taking out the headphones, looking around and recognizing others with a little old-fashioned eye contact and a smile. When traveling especially (or in high school hallways) there seems to be two skinny white wires peeking through every girls’ long  hair, or behind a Burton hoodie. What if the headphones were out, what if your iPod was dead? Then what would you do? How about turning to the person next to you on the train and striking up a conversation, hey that person might introduce you to her hot-as-hell niece who is studying the same thing as you at university and maybe that very niece will be your future wife… just saying, it could happen. If you have the headphones in, that serendipitous situation just might not occur. Now, by no means am I anti-music, AT ALL, in fact I appreciate it in all capacities, I do, however, support the notion and the effort in enjoying social interactions, slowing things down a bit and striking up a conversation with a stranger. The quiet man in his late 70s (who didn’t have his iPod in) next you in seat 4C en route from San Francisco to Philadelphia just might be the neighborhood physician from your husband’s hometown in South Africa, what a small world! Afterall, it happened to me.



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2 responses to “No. Music. Period. (well just for a day)

  1. samantha

    This seems like an interesting experiment to try. I think that music would be missed more in certain situaitons (i.e. working out, long car rides, etc.). One day is not too long, but Im sure it felt like forever. Imagine like you were saying, the more poor areas of the world where music as we know it is not as common. Instead maybe the idea of music not in the terms of cds and radio but people singing to themselves and beating sticks and drums is considered “music”.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I feel like my brothers, people at the gym, well people everywhere always have their Ipods in.
    The No Music Day is an interesting idea and I love your story! It almost sounds like it’s out of a movie. I love serendipitous stories like that!

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